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Why SSN iFound?

Entrepreneurial thinking

In order to build a stronger economy, the nation needs more job creators who are entrepreneurs.

To promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and to kindle the interest in the community, SSN iFound is committed to cultivating entrepreneurial spirit. In this regard, we conduct a series of entrepreneurial events where seasoned entrepreneurs and investors share their journey, growth strategies, market insights and highlight the various opportunities available.

In recognition of our vast talent pool and infrastructure, StartupTN, the Government of Tamil Nadu’s nodal agency for startup-related activities has nominated SSN iFound to lead the South Chennai Circle.

SSN iFound has offered its premises to the Government of Tamil Nadu’s Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII) for conducting various events to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in the community.

Entrepreneurial thinking SSN Incubation
Platform to innovate - SSN Incubation

Platform to innovate

Today there is no lack of problems to solve, but there is a strong need for startups to be uniquely positioned and stand out from the competition, for which innovation is the key..

To inculcate the essence of innovation among young minds, we have a 24×7 innovation platform “Build Club”, which is fully managed by our students. SSN iFound in partnership with IIT Madras Incubation Cell is conducting a series of events for promoting innovation among the young minds.

Pre-Incubation program

Most of the technology savvy entrepreneurs are strong in their respective fields and are capable of building innovative products. However, any product will be successful, only when it meets the needs of the target audience.

The first step in the startup journey is to be prepared for the journey and to have a strong conviction that the idea will work. The conviction should be proved scientifically in a systematic manner. This is where SSN iFound has a three-month structured process to help you validate your business idea and build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

We adopt the lean startup methodology, business model canvas, value proposition canvas, design thinking, etc. for arriving at a product market fit speedily and cost effectively.

SSN iFound has partnered with Gopalakrishnan Deshpande Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, based at IIT Madras, for providing the above support.

Incubation-SSN Incubation
Incubation program - SSN Incubation

Incubation Program

Once an idea is validated and the MVP is successfully tested, it is essential to search and build a business model which is viable, scalable, and repeatable. The two-year incubation program of SSN iFound will help startups achieve this objective with the support of our distinguished business and domain mentor network.

We have well-equipped infrastructure with advanced software & hardware capabilities to build your products. Incubates have access to our nine centres of excellence (CoEs) that are equipped with the latest tools & equipment, and managed by eminent cross-functional departmental faculty members. We have CoEs in Energy, Materials, Smart technologies, Machine learning, Healthcare technologies, Speech technologies, Radiation and environmental science, Water Research, and Industry 4.0.

To increase the scope of support and leverage the best-in-class infrastructure available in the ecosystem, SSN iFound has tied up with external incubators for coincubation. These include (a) IIT Madras Incubation Cell (Deep technology), (b) Healthcare Technology Innovation Center, IIT Madras (Healthcare), (c) Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship, IIT Hyderabad and (d) Villgro (Clean Energy, Agritech, and Healthcare).


We offer seed funding support to our incubates. Besides, we have tie ups with  Venture Catalysts, Keiretsu Forum, Succeed Ventures, Tech Innovations, and Kauvery Hospitals for angel funding. In addition, we also offer funding under different government schemes.

Fundraising SSN Incubation
Corporate Connect - SSN Incubation

Corporate Connect

Many enterprises reach out to us to solve specific problems that they face. Our Startups can address them by  leveraging the capabilities of SSN iFound. 


SSN iFound offers structured mentoring support to all the incubates right from the pre-incubation stage.

While we have our own pool of mentors, we are also partnered with many institutes of repute in the startup ecosystem including TiE Chennai, Keiretsu Forum, IIT Madras Entrepreneurship Forum and Headstart.

The 18,000 plus alumni network of SSN with a rich pool of successful entrepreneurs and business professionals also offer mentorship.

Mentoring SSN Incubation
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