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Startup Types

SSN iFound is open to incubate startups right from the idea stage. Through our mentoring process, we ensure startups validate the idea with a proof of concept, build the prototype, minimum viable product (MVP) and scale the product and the business. We also facilitate the startups in accessing the various grants and funding opportunities available in the ecosystem.

SSN startup - SSN Incubation

Faculty of SSN institutions from diverse domains who have patents/filed for patents can leverage their inventions to innovate solutions for addressing critical problems and needs of individuals, businesses, and society. The innovation, pre-incubation, and incubation ecosystem at SSN iFound provides faculty with state-of-art technologies and best-in-class innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem leveraging the support of leading entrepreneurs and business professionals to build their businesses using the highly successful lean startup methodology.

Students who aspire to become entrepreneurs are encouraged to innovate solutions for solving problems or fulfill unmet market needs and are given an opportunity to build their businesses by deploying the lean startup methodology.

Alumni of SSN institutions are encouraged to incubate products & solutions for their business ideas. Besides, they are also provided opportunities to join as co-founders of the faculty and student startups.

External Startups from the ecosystem with promising business ideas are invited to get incubated and access the facilities such as centers of excellence and mentoring by leading entrepreneurs & professionals
pertaining to their domain.

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