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SSN Institutions

SSN Institutions - SSN Incubation

SSN institutions include the SSN College of Engineering, SSN School of Management, and SSN Centre for Advanced Career studies. SSN Institutions, established by Mr. Shiv Nadar, Founder Chairman of HCL Technologies, stand out as a premier center of higher learning with a mission of pursuing excellence in education and research.

The institutions are named after the Chairman’s father, Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar.

SSN Institutions are run by the SSN Trust and, with their diverse and dynamic community of students offer a distinctive combination of some of the finest graduate, undergraduate, and research programs, accomplished faculty, world-class facilities, and a residential campus set on a sprawling 230 acres of sylvan surroundings.

The Institutions provide a variety of stimulating environments for intellectual development, free-thinking, and personal growth, challenging its students with dynamic learning opportunities and equipping them with the skills, insights, attitudes, and practical experiences that are necessary to take up responsibilities in society.

Shiv Nadar University

Focus Areas - SSN Incuation

Based on a sprawling campus shared with SSN Institutions, Shiv Nadar University, Chennai is committed to academic excellence. Each program is designed to help talented students become successful, job-ready professionals or world-class academics.

The University promotes a culture of academic rigor, supported by ample resources, including one of the best-equipped libraries in Southern India, and extensive, world-class research facilities.

The University strongly believes that its role is not limited to disseminating knowledge but to acting as a catalyst for research, discovery, and creation of new forms of expression and aims to become a world-class center for research.

Driven by a belief in the need for all-around development, students are provided ample sports facilities and rich campus life.

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