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Co-working space

We provide office space and a working environment to the start-ups that is comfortable and engaging.

Corporate Connect

We provide opportunities for start-ups to connect with professionals from different industries and successful entrepreneurs in talks, panel discussions and fireside chats.

Business Scale

The start-ups’ survival, sustainability and scaling of start-ups with focused offering and support.


Experts from various fields guide the start-ups using their own experience and knowledge about the domain they belong to and according to the needs of the start-ups.

Access to a high range of labs and technology infrastructure

Start-ups will be given access to the labs of SSNCE & SNU, Chennai and equipment for building or experimenting with their products.

Legal Support

We provide legal and accounting support to the start-ups as and when required by them.

Intellectual Property Rights

We help the start-ups with getting intellectual property rights for their unique and innovative products.

Intern Support

We provide intern support to start-ups that need more workforce to help them with day to day working and to fulfil their human resources needs.

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