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Pioneering Collaborations and Innovations Unveiled

ST Microelectronics Greenlights Innovative IT Proposal

In a significant milestone, ST Microelectronics, a US-based sensor manufacturing giant, has granted approval to a groundbreaking proposal presented by the SSNCE IT team. The initiation of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) marks the commencement of a collaborative journey. The team is meticulously shaping the proposal, allocating a budget of Rs. 20 lakhs over three years.

Licensing Dialogue with Nueconomi: A Novel Approach to Technology Commercialization

Nueconomi is a startup revolutionizing the commercialization of patented technologies. Their distinctive revenue model eschews upfront charges, opting for a pre-agreed share upon technology market entry. Following an extensive virtual discussion, a tentative agreement has been reached to explore our technologies through Nueconomi. Currently crafting the blueprint of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), SSN iFound is poised to unlock the potential of our patented technologies for commercialization.

Fidelity USA’s Senior Management Team Explores Collaborative Opportunities

A distinguished visit unfolded at SSN iFound as the senior management team from Fidelity USA graced our campus. The interaction paved the way for potential collaborations, opening avenues for mutual growth and knowledge exchange.

TANSAM’s CEO Sukhpreet Singh Engages with SSN iFound

Noteworthy discussions ensued during the meeting with Mr. Sukhpreet Singh, CEO of TANSAM (Tamilnadu Smart Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence) on Feb 19 for exploring opportunities for a collaborative Spoke of TANSAM at SSN.

In the spirit of fostering innovation and strategic partnerships, SSN iFound continues to be a catalyst for transformative initiatives. Stay connected for more updates on our Corporate Connect Chronicles.

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