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Corporate Connect – Bridging Industry Needs with Academic Excellence – Jan’24

  • The Mechanical Department has submitted a proposal to OmniActive Healthcare Technologies, Hyderabad, outlining plans for automating marigold flower sourcing (Marigold Harvestor).
  • Mechanical and IT faculties collaborated on a visit to the Value Ingredients plant in Ambattur Chennai. Identified five key problem statements addressing air quality improvement, calyx removal, automation of loading/unloading, maintenance of air pressure, and detection of external materials.
  • L&T Digital Energy Solutions in Chennai is actively seeking proposals from EEE department on Microgrid controller development, monitoring of existing distribution transformers, motor signature analysis for industrial pumps, optimization of Solar PV cells, and enhancements to EHV Transmission line systems.
  • The R&D team from Rane Madras Chennai visited facilities in Mechanical, ECE, EEE, and the Crystals lab, engaging in discussions to explore potential research projects.
Rane Madras Team’s visit to SSN on 24.1.24
  • SSS Tech Chennai, a Gold ATM startup, engaged with the Mechanical and IT departments. The IT department is actively exploring potential collaboration in the AI/ML space, while the Mechanical department is focused on a Robotic solution.
  • Nissi Engineering in Chennai is in search of a weight reduction solution for their testing services of substations and power plants. The EEE department is currently in the process of developing a tailored solution to meet this requirement.
Visit to Value Ingredients Pvt Ltd on 18.1.24
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