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Navigating Innovation Horizons: SSN iFound’s Insightful Journey in Bangalore

  • CEO Giri and Roopa from our team found themselves immersed in a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and collaboration. The journey commenced at Assistech Foundation, an Atal Incubation Centre dedicated to advancing technology for individuals with disabilities. Engaging with the CEO, Mr. Prateek Madhav, discussions centered on nurturing innovative disability technology startups.
  • Imagine this: the intersection of disability and entrepreneurship, spearheaded by the remarkable Mr. Prateek Madhav – a visionary with a calm demeanour. We exchanged ideas, discussed collaborations, and left with a warm and fuzzy feeling about fostering innovation back at the college.
  • Our next destination, meeting at NASSCOM for startups, unveiled potential collaborations and initiatives.
  • The climax of our visit was IIM Bangalore’s NSRCEL, where we encountered a vibrant ecosystem seamlessly blending infrastructure with nature. Engaging with Mr. Anand Sri Ganesh, the CEO, and Ankita Pegu, AVP, Women Entrepreneurship, brought forth transformative strategies and reshaped our perspectives.
  • Mr. Ganesh, armed with a marker, answered our questions with bench side wisdom – an image still etched in my mind.
  • As we navigated through these opportunities, the city’s welcoming atmosphere and the strategic insights gained promise to shape impactful collaborations for our organization.
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